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Dan Toporek served thirty-four years as a Marine and Army Attack Pilot. His passion for service to the community stems from growing up in a family dedicated to improving the lives of their fellow Arizonans. His father is a retired Army officer. His mother is a retired teacher. His younger brother is a Captain Paramedic with the Scottsdale Fire Department, and his older brother recently retired with over forty years of service to law enforcement.

Trusted Leader

Dan served thirty-four years as a Marine and Army Attack Pilot defending the Nation and has worked from tactical combat assignments to Strategic assignments at the highest levels.

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Experienced Manager

In service, Dan was responsible for managing over 150 million dollars of training for more than 10,000 Aviation Soldiers. With thousands of hours in Apache Helicopters, flying hundreds of combat missions and training hundreds of Army Aviators.


Dan has lived a life of service – to his country – to his community.  He understands that the true nature of public service is fighting for something greater than oneself.  Dan believes our elected leaders must put the interest of people ahead of their own, even if it costs them politically. 

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Dan has earned a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Technology from Thomas Edison University and was a Newmark Fellow at the University of San Francisco earning a Master of Arts in Public Leadership.

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Daniel Toporek is a retired member of the Army National Guard.  Use of his military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Department of the Army or the Department of Defense.